Hello, My Name is Aubri

Hello and thank you for stopping by! A little about me:

– 1 Husband since 2006 + 1 little girl in 2008 + 1 little girl coming in 2015 = My Heart.
– My favorite food is homegrown tomatoes, I will eat them like apples.
– My morning musts are: Time with God, coffee, and family snuggles or my whole day is off.
– I am on a personal quest to a slower and simpler lifestyle, one baby step at a time.
– Photography is my passion and I have a slight obsession with eyelashes, real smiles, and genuine laughter.
– I have no problem making a fool out of myself to get my clients to laugh. Consider yourself warned.
– I collect vintage pyrex. Fridgies are my favorite.

Okay. Now we’re friends.

xo, Aubri

Photo by Sally Kate Photography

  • Ljiljana Pavlović - February 21, 2013 - 9:42 pm

    I can only say YOU ARE GREAT! Not only your work, but your greatness is because you want to teach others the things you know. BRAVO. One poet from my country said “NIJE ZNANJE ZNANJE ZNATI VEC JE ZNANJE ZNANJE DATI” and on your language will be “Knowledge is not knowledge, but the knowledge is to know how to give the knowledge”.