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Well…..I would like to say that I completed all my May goals and I am ready to conquer the summer. BUT that may be considered somewhat of a lie and I would never lie to all of you :-).

So, although I didn’t accomplish everything I had hoped to I did make progress and that is really all I am holding myself to. I’ve been letting go of perfection this year and it really becomes easier every day. Seriously, you should see the current state of my home…Perfection I laugh in your face- ha ha ha! Well, I was laughing until my mom was coming over and then I did some emergency cleaning- don’t judge, you know you would have too. 

On to my summer goals. We are going to have a crazy next few months of moving so I just gave myself a few goals so I could keep my sanity but also be ready for next school year. We officially decided we will be homeschooling next year and we are all very excited along with a wee bit of nervousness. Praying we all survive the craziness ahead but I am excited that we are beginning to live out our adventure. So here’s what I hope to accomplish this summer:

Monthly Goals:
Create a summer blog schedule
Create a loose summer routine
Pack and move things to storage
Create an art station for summer free time
Switch to summer capsule wardrobe
Read (or finish reading) 2 Books
Read (or finish reading) Rilyn 2 Books
Finish 2014 Project Life
Order Homeschooling Curriculum and Books
Set-up Homeschool room at new house
Create Homeschool routine/schedule

Weekly Goals:
Blog 1x/week

Daily Goals:
Quiet Time
(iPhone or big girl camera)

What are you all hoping to accomplish this summer?