In spring 2010 I stopped booking weddings to focus on my portrait business, Jennifer and Marcus’ from August, 6th was going to be my last wedding. When an old friend inquired to me about wedding photography for her Nashville wedding I thought I could be helpful in finding her the perfect photographer for her big day. In a series of emails I ended up being that photographer for her. I offered to travel to Nashville thinking that I would sneak a little family vacation in after the wedding. Well, the vacation didn’t happen but the wedding did and it was spectacular.

Sarah and Yaacov are incredibly sweet people. They complement each other so well. I couldn’t help but notice their deep connection, the type of couple that can finish each other’s sentences or know what each one is thinking without saying a word. Just as special was the love they have for their family and new families. The day was filled with moments not only marking the union of Sarah and Yaacov but marking the union of their families too. Sarah even wore her mother’s wedding dress, which I have to thank her for because now I have proof to my husband that there is a reason that I am keeping my dress :-).

  • Renae S. Doulette - September 7, 2011 - 8:06 pm

    Congratulations Sarah!
    The wedding pictures are beautiful!!! You two are simply beautiful!!!!
    <3 Renae