With the birth of a new baby you get to see a lot of the people you love most and if you are lucky, they bring you food. We have been so fortunate to have a steady stream of yummy meals entering our home since Baby Piper arrived. I may or may not have thought to myself that the meals alone could be a solid reason to expand our family to 5 in the future. Unfortunately, the Hubster disagrees with me so I will just soak up my time off from cooking duty while it lasts. A few of those fabulous people to visit were our homesteading expert cousins. Of course they brought enough food to fill half our freezer- they are just that awesome. During our visit I planned on taking a few clever photos for Robbie’s first guest blog post but I failed on my duties as photographer so I have included a couple of our crazy girls instead.

Just pretend they’re holding a jar of mayo.



Pink Sky Photography | www.pinkskyphoto.com_0205

Guest Post | Mayonnaise | Cousin Robbie

I make marshmallows, there I’ve said it. Well, I guess I make a lot of things but marshmallows seem like the hardest to justify.

All the ways back to those sometime curly, sometimes straight, haired days of my youth when I was taking apart plugged in Nintendos to see how they work I have enjoyed making things. As I have gotten older life seems so full of possibilities of things to do or try, and I am not talking pintresty hacks here, I am talking great big glaring opportunities in life.

Try this, go to your fridge and open your jar of Mayonnaise (or miracle whip, or veganaise) take a moment, close your eyes and take a smell and try to pick apart the aromas.  Done? How did it smell?

Now, put one egg, 1 Tbs vinegar, and 1 tsp of mustard in a cup, pour 1 cup of mild tasting oil (canola, sunflower, avocado). Put your immersion blender all the way to the bottom and turn it on and lift the blender slowly until the mayonnaise is made. Take a moment, close your eyes and smell.

The difference is unbelievable. I did this experiment with Mrs. A and after two sniffs she said, with her eyes still closed, “if this is a best out of 3 test don’t make me smell the first one again!” And so many things in our lives are like this. You can make mayonnaise in less than a minute for 1/8th the price of store brand and it is…well you’ll see.

If hipsters curing salami in their basement is any sort of barometer, our generation seems bent on reclaiming some of the home craft that has been lost. Sometimes the hardest part is even noticing the possibilities…would it be hard to make chapstick? Or lotion?

What do you make that you could just buy?