Remember that super snowy day we had in November last year?
Well, I happened to have a Petite Session with this fun family that day and it was perfect! I mean they had a snow lift chair and chickens in their backyard- I loved them immediately!
Married for:
8 years
Best Family Vacation Ever:  
Hilton Head Island and the boys’ first visit to the ocean that they can remember.  It was a very sandy week.  :-).
Favorite Family Recipe:  
I love to cook, but my picky eaters would say the recipe on the back of the macaroni and cheese box is their favorite.  Brian’s is my Beef Bourginon, which is a full afternoon project that I only do once a year around the holidays
Favorite Family Tradition:  
Friday movie night, featuring homemade pizza, popcorn and a special snack.
Best Way to Spend the Weekend:  
We love fall weekends – working on projects outside in the crisp fall air, watching a little college football and grilling something yummy for dinner.  Perfect!
Kiddo(s) Currently into (Top 3):  
Dylan – Legos, learning to read, playing make believe with his brother.
Ben – Loves animals (obsessed with crabs and sharks), being read to, getting into his brother’s Legos.
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