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Now that Baby Piper is 3 months (WOW!), I am finally getting a bit of rhythm back to my life and wrote down a few goals on my dusty Powersheets this month. I kept things very easy so that I would feel like I was making some progress rather then overwhelmed.
So, here’s what I’m working on his month…..

Work Goals:
Blog at least 2x/week
Post to Instagram Gratitude Journal 3x/week (this is both personal and for my blog)
Make June Blog Schedule

Family Goals:
Date Night with Hubby
Date night with Rilyn
Finish watching online Homeschool Conference
(Highly recommend for anyone thinking about homeschooling)
Read to Rilyn at least 2x/week (hubby usually does the bedtime reading)
Start working on a schedule me and for Piper during the week
(the free Passion Planner pages are helping me stay on track)

Personal Goals:
Create and implement an exercise plan
Implement Capsule Wardrobe
(stay tuned for a post on that soon)
Finish reading Scary Close
Sign up for the Crim 10 Mile Walk
Listen to an encouraging podcast weekly
(My friend Lindsay from Search for the Simple has some great suggestions)
Do something, anything creative (for me, not work) once a week
Social Media Free Weekends

Daily Habits:
Quiet Time
(currently loving Savor for my quiet time)
Family Dinner
8 cups of Water/Day
(ugh! why is this so hard?!)
Quick Strength Workout
(don’t judge- baby steps people)
Handsfree Mornings
(No iPhone or Computer before 9am)

I would love to know how your goals are going, how are you staying motivated this far into the year?