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I am sure by now you have heard of the concept “Capsule Wardrobe”. If not, it’s basically the idea of limiting your clothing to a set number of items. The blog Un-Fancy does an awesome job with all the details and even provides a free planner to set up your own capsule wardrobe. I personally love them for a few reasons…..
1. Less choice means less time spent deciding what to wear.
2. I only have items I love and want to wear.
3. I don’t shop as much or have as many urges to shop.
4. I feel much more put together and actually feel like I have more to wear then I did with a full closet of things I don’t like or don’t fit.

I am no fashionista and most of my clothes are bought during a Target women’s section drive-by. I could fairly say that 95% of my clothes are from Target, Old Navy, American Eagle, or Thrift stores so I will spare you the details of where each individual item comes from. Instead, I will share a few tips on planning your own as well as a general list of what I included in my Spring Capsule.

Also, as a side note….being 3 months post baby I had to really stick with what fits and what works with nursing. Apparently, the doctors forgot to administer the baby weight melting drugs before I left the hospital.

Tips for Building your Own Capsule Wardrobe

1. Pick your number but don’t over think this and be flexible. I like to use my age, so that is 19 items (he-he), that way I get to add an item every year- like a little Birthday present to me. But currently I don’t even have this many this items since I am not fitting in all my old clothes yet. Most Capsules I have seen include around 30-37 items.

2. Decide what you want to include and what your not going to include. For me, I don’t count PJs, workout clothes, jackets, shoes, and tanks that I wear under things. I don’t have a lot of these items anyway but if you have a lot of shoes or jackets then you should consider including them in your count.

3. Mix and Match! When I was planning my daughter’s school clothes for her Kindergarten year I made sure that I found items that would mix-and-match so that I didn’t  have to buy as much and she still would have lots of options. Since then I have tried to apply that same concept to my own wardrobe. I look at an item and try to mentally create 5 different outfits with that item, then I know it’s a keeper!

4. Pick colors that flatter. I purposely have no bright red or light yellow in my wardrobe because those colors do not work with my skin tone. Make sure to consider your best colors, then you will be more likely to wear the item.

5. Empty your closet first and then put things back. Starting with a blank slate makes you less likely to put back items that you really don’t love.

6. Add color and trends with accessories. Think camis, necklaces, scarfs, hats, etc. All fun ways to change it up!

My Spring Capsule:

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Oversize Graphic Tee
Brown Tank
Cream Peasant Top
Sleeveless White Button Up
Floral Tunic
Pink V-Neck Tee
White Cotton Tank
Tribal Tunic
Graphic Tee
Olive Green Tank
Baseball Tee (Not Pictured)
Grey V-Neck Tee (Not Pictured)
Black Sleeveless Blouse (Not Pictured)
Teal Racerback Tank (Not Pictured)

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Sweaters & Button Ups:

Denim Shirt
Hoodie (Yep, I included a hoodie)
Gray Cardigan
Green Army Shirt
Black & White Thick Sweater

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Chevron Print Maxi
Black & White Striped Shift Dress
Sleeveless Marled Dress
Grey Shift Dress

Bottoms (not pictured because I’m lazy):
Full Length Black Leggings
Capri Black Leggings
Green Khaki Shorts
Black Maxi
Black Jeans
Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
Printed Gaucho Capris (similar)
Black Yoga Pants

So, who else is loving capsule wardrobes these days?